Blue Blood future labeling

Here’s a preview of Blue Blood’s future labeling.
Please let us know what you think!




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16 responses to “Blue Blood future labeling

  1. 1. Amazing!
    2. Terrible!
    3. Not quite renewing, but it’s ok.
    3. ok..
    4. ok..
    5. Nice.
    6. so-so..
    7. Pretty cool!
    8. Awesome, though I’d like it better if it’d be a slight bit lower.

  2. Whoops, looks like I forgot one. Number 5 should be “not so nice”. Which means that number 5 on my list is actually #6 and everything after that moves one spot.

  3. I like second one.

    Hope I can buy BB jeans more easily from Japan.
    And need more Dry Goods!

  4. Stefgeezy

    Don’t like nr. 2 and 7, rest of em are pretty cool!

  5. Balotelli

    1. Dope!
    2. Please don’t…
    3. Deja vu?
    4. Hmmm…
    5. Nice work
    6. Great!
    7. Ok
    8. Class, style: BB 🙂
    9. Sick!


  6. Mitch

    The second one is way too ‘Evisu’, but that’s my opinion.

  7. Dirk

    1. Old School Blue blood, This one is Great
    2. first thing that pops in my head is evisu, and thats a bad thing!
    3.the color i’m not so sure of. but it’s nice
    4.nice patch, wrong place
    5.looks a little bit cheape.
    6.this one is nice’s a cool one
    8. not so great
    9.olso a good one

    Can’t wait for more blue’s in my collection

  8. Blue Blood Blog

    Thanks everyone for your honest opinion !


  9. Loo

    The 1st and last ones are the best!
    Looks really nice!

    Look no further, use one of those 2

  10. Christian

    Love the first one

  11. definitely the first en last one..

    please go back to the old labeling! Leather with lobster!

    Labeling with.. B.B. connects me with bjorn borg..

    ps. when is the new collection available with the new labeling?

  12. Blue Blood Blog

    There will be a little bit in stores from now on, and will expand through the year.

    Thanks everybody for our positive reactions!


  13. Cuneyt

    The first and the last are the best.. leatherlable with Lobster in it just like the old days of BlueBlood.

  14. Jason B

    Hello guys and girls of blue blood,

    When are the new labeling for the men jeans available? I really need a new pair, but i don’t like the current labeling with only the letters BB.

    The new labeling is really terrific!!

    I hope they are available soon so i can get my new pair of jeans.

  15. Blue Blood Blog

    Dear Jason,

    The new labeling will be available begin 2011.
    Thanks for your message.

    Kind regards,


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