New Saint James collection at our stores now !

The Saint James Company has been established in Lower Normandy, in the commune of Saint-James, close to Mont Saint-Michel, since 1889. Its fame is based upon a cult item of clothing “the genuine pure new knitted woolen Breton seaman’s sweater”. Originally intended for deep sea fishermen, then adopted by known seafarers, and amateur yachtsmen. Its pure wool, pure cotton, “seashore” lines attract a large clientele on the coast, but also in the major cities of France, and equally throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, and Japan.

The new Saint James collection is now available at our P.C. Hooftstraat and Cornelis Schuytstraat stores. Come to one of our stores and check out the beautiful and pure collection!


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2 responses to “New Saint James collection at our stores now !

  1. R those shoes available @ PC Hooftstraat? The white ones? I really need those!

  2. Blue Blood Blog

    Yes they are available at the P.C.Hooftstraat, it’s a brand named Bensimon.

    See you there!


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