And the winner is…

We have been writing and writing and writing to be able to write all the names on pieces of paper of the lucky once who had the right answer.

Hustling and bustling, we got them all in a box and picked out a small piece of paper bearing the name of the lucky winner and


CONGRATULATIONS , you won a great pair of Blue Blood jeans.

The correct answer to the question was:

Koningsplein 11 – Amsterdam

If you were unlucky this time, you now have until 24.00 tonight to answer the following question in order to win a pair of amazing Blue Blood Jeans + guest list for ‘SOHO’ at Supperclub Amsterdam this saturday.

The question is:

What text is printed on the Blue Blood t-shirts inspired on our Autumn / Winter 2010 collection ?

Please send your answer to

We will get back to you tomorrow, same time, same place to announce the lucky winner of today’s question and with a last new question.

Good luck!




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2 responses to “And the winner is…

  1. sergio

    Ik was gister naaaaaaaaaaaa lang weer ff in de stad, dus dan moest ik ff langs bij jullie 😀

    Moet zeggen, dat ik heel te vreden ben met jullie nieuwe collectie JEANS

    Je hebt mensen die negatief lullen, maar kan jullie zeggen: fack does people !


    De komende maand haal ik cker 2 die ik leuk vind

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