Blue Blood dungarees in our stores now !

Check out our dungarees which are available now at our P.C. Hooftstraat and Cornelis Schuytstraat stores !



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5 responses to “Blue Blood dungarees in our stores now !

  1. Hi,
    What fab denim jump suits!! Blue Blood brand definatley going from strength to strength!!
    Im based here in Cape Town BB Brand store and always cherishing all new stock arrivals!!
    “Long live” SaLuTe… Blue Blood Brand.
    Kindest Regards
    Nadia Pestana
    104 Bree Street
    Cape Town

  2. Blue Blood Blog

    Hi Nadia,

    Thanks you very much !
    How are things at B.B. capetown ?
    Kindest regards in return,


    • Ciao BB
      Things are great!! Cape Town is rocking with your brand, clients just want more & MoRe!! Cant keep up!! Just u guys keep sending!! AND DESIGNERS WELL DONE South Africa love BB!! WELL DONE!! 4 designing denim with unique quality & innovative designs!!! WoW.. fAnTastIc We LoVe BLUE BLOOD BRAND!!
      Nadia Pestana

  3. Blue Blood Blog

    Many Thanks !


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