Luxirare’s Apple Napoleon

We have mentioned Luxirare to you before. She works magic on food and food styling. This is how she prepares her apple napoleon.

You have to prepare everything before hand. She eats apple napoleon a lot so she always takes one day out of the week to prepare her phyllo dough and sliced apples. She can take them out whenever she feels like baking them directly from the freezer.

Phyllo dough comes in rolled up packages but each sheet needs to be separated and buttered. Best way to prepare phyllo dough is to use butter spray. It’s faster and lighter than brushing on melted butter. After you spray it you stack the sheets on top of another.

Sugar and apple pie spice is used to season the apples. Keep them in the freezer. When you’re ready to eat, take them out and bake both the apple and phyllo.

Make sure you flip phyllo so both sides get toasty. Apples will take longer than the phyllo, so cook them on separate racks.

Caramel helps glue the apples on. Stack the separately cooked phyllo and apples.

Looks amazing, right?


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