Living the Lego Life!

It is amazing how many Lego inspired gadgets pop-up. One of the most adored toys by children is now used in adult life in all kinds of playful ways. At first Lego conquered the runway. It was first noticed at the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2008 show. It appeared on the models as brooches, headband details, etc.

Lego style has apparently been absorbed by the furniture and home decorating industry, we spotted a sofa, a kitchen counter and table and chair legs.

This sofa is made up of several rubberized foam pieces shaped like Lego. If you are bored with the old design, simply re-arrange the various pieces to form a new look.

There is even a USB hub shaped like Lego..

The furniture above is made with actual Lego pieces.
We advice you to keep an eye on this trend.

Maybe you should even ask your mom to get you old Lego from the attic so you can get creative!



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  1. Catherin

    Hi, may i know where can i purchase this sofa set?

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