Too Faced….

Too Faced is the name of a nice looking and fun American cosmetic brand. We came across it a while ago and this week we received some amazing products for us to try out. We received a lip-gloss that can turn into different shades of pink. So whether you want to feel totally zen or frisky, you can do both with this one lip-gloss.


We also received an eye shadow transformer. This is a tiny little brush that has to be dipped in a special type of liquid and with this you can turn any eye shadow into a hundred different shades.Too Faced make-up is fun yet very glamorous.


Their cosmetics are packaged in cute boxes with pretty writing and funny texts and images on them. While the packaging looks rather girly, the make up makes you look “too faced”. Interesting!



It is so not like any ordinary cosmetic brand and that is why we love it and hope to be able to sell their products within our Blue Blood stores in the future.

WOW, I just checked their website and they even have a vintage sale that is on right now whereby you can save up to 75%!

We like what they do!


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