Birthday cupcakes at Blue Blood

We at Blue Blood are not just any ordinary fashion company, no we are the Blue Blood family. So when it is someone’s birthday, we always celebrate.

We encourage people to treat us to treats that’s made with at least as much love as our Blue Blood products are made with.

Today one of our favourite members of the family celebrated her 27th birthday.

happy birthday Willa

Willa, the one in charge of all Blue Blood’s marketing and PR is celebrating her birthday today with us. Even though she is celebrating her 27th birthday today, she was still as nervous as a child weeks prior to the actual day. Today the day finally has arrived. Her office was decorated with birthday banners and balloons.  When Willa came into the office this morning, she brought along with her 40 delicious cupcakes. We had a choice of cheesecake cupcakes, triple chocolate malteser cupcakes, carrot cupcakes and even gluten free cupcakes. We at the Blue Blood office had a wonderful cupcake fest this morning.

Because Willa treated us we treated her back! We got her a beautiful perfume Blanche, the latest addition to the Byredo range.

Willa, thank you for the delicious cupcakes and Blue Blood wishes you a very happy birthday!

jarno cupcakes

(Jarno from sales can’t keep his hands of the cupcake jar)





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