The land of denim purists and crazy candy

Snickers, Mars, Bounty, Twix, Milky Way…and I can go on and on. Everywhere in the world we are most likely to be able to purchase these chocolate bars. KitKat is one of those chocolate bars that can also be found everywhere but the special thing about KitKat is that it continually appears on the market in a new additional flavour. It started of with the 4 finger wafer covered in milk chocolate. The first flavour variant of the KitKat was the KitKat orange. Today we have all seen others, such as; the chunky, white, dark, peanut butter etc.

But did you know that in our beloved country Japan you are able to purchase 81 different flavoured KitKat’s?!

Blue Blood loves Japan for their raw denim culture which we portray in our store on the Prinsenstraat in Amsterdam but we also adore their bizarre and inspirational culture and creations. Only two weeks ago Japan released the vegetable KitKat which has apple and carrot in between its chocolate covered wafers.

Even though the KitKat is the number one confection sold in The UK, the reason why Japan is obsessed with the KitKat has to do with the name. ‘Kitto Katsu”, which means “you will surely win”, is a source of inspiration that parents wish to offer their children. By giving Japanese children a KitKat before their exams is seen as a source of encouragement to wish them luck.




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