Black is the new white

Charcoal is the blackish substance we use for our barbecue or that we use to sketch or draw with. It can also be used to turn infertile soil into productive soil. But now it can also be bought as a toothpaste. The Asian black charcoal toothpaste is the way to go if you want to whiten your teeth. Putting a creamy black substance on your toothbrush in the morning and looking in the mirror while you see your white teeth looking completely black might not sound appealing but the result probably will. Charcoal is known for its absorption properties which will take away the impurities and bacteria on your teeth. This seems like a much safer option then all those peroxide whiteners so we say black is the new white.





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2 responses to “Black is the new white

  1. sergio

    When I was a little boy growing up, my grandmother always brushed my teeth with charcoal 😀

    Now 2009,

    The Asians mixed it up and made toothpaste 😦
    thats some F@#$%^

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