The September Issue

Only a few days left and the month of August will come to an end…and this means that ‘The September Issue’ will hit the Dutch cinemas on the 17th of September. ‘The September Issue’ is the much discussed documentary of R.J. Cutler about the most powerful woman in fashion; Anna Wintour. Filmmaker R.J. Cutler followed the entire process of the formation of a September issue, which is traditionally the thickest and the determining issue of the year. He spent nine months following the editorial department of Vogue in Manhattan to capture all the tasks that had to be executed in order to create the prestigious and unbelievable popular fall issue. The pressure is rising when the deadline approaches, Anna Wintour shows her notorious leadership in every aspect of the production.


BB cant wait to see it!



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  1. One of the major players who gave the movie substance and heart was Grace Coddington, the creative director. A forty-year veteran of the magazine industry, she’s Anna Wintour’s contemporary, and one of the few people shown doing anything but agreeing wholeheartedly with Anna. She has Anna’s ear, up to a point. But she also has her own aesthetic for the magazine. —Read the full review at—

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