Our lobster will serve you your lobster soup…

Only 7 days to go…and then the 28th Preuvenemint in Maastricht will take place again. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Preuvenemint – it is a culinairy highlight where you can taste all the good things of life. It functions as the largest open air restaurant worldwide. Here you will be able to enjoy four fabulous evenings of culinairy delights and music spectacles.

This year however, Blue Blood will be present too. I hear you wonder, Blue Blood at Preuvenemint? How is that possible? Blue blood creates amazing jeans not food.

True. We do not provide food, but our Blue Blood lobster desperately wants to be part of it. So, together with the exquisite Restaurant O located in Maastricht, we will be at the event.

Restaurant O

Restaurant O specializes in fruit de mers and will participate in this culinairy event for the second time. The staff at restaurant O is always looking fine in garments provided by DEE&AA store in Maastricht.

This time round Blue Blood together with DEE&AA are making sure that during this event Restaurant O will let our lobster serve you your lobster soup.

Restaurant opening



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