A pre-view with Pete Philly

Pete always loves to claim that our brand is so fresh and “on” and even changed his view on fashion or should I say “clothing”…
Because before we introduced Pete to our collection he never thought he was even into fashion, he used to just wear clothing.
Since he’s so enthusiastic and a faithful fan we like to invite him each season for pre-view.

Picture 011
Of course, the line has already been showed during Amsterdam Fashion Week and you can find plenty of photo’s online…
But it’s a very different experience to be able to touch the pieces, feel the materials and even try some items on.

Picture 005
Pete told us he was very impressed by the Blue Blood SS10 collection and can’t wait to run to the store in January! He even shared with us that has to meditate in order to keep himself calm in the waiting period…

Picture 002

Oh one more very important thing we almost forgot to mention…
Check out the t-shirt Pete is wearing in the photo below that says BLOOD IS THE CURRENCY.
This a very important project we are involved in. Less and less young people in the Netherlands decide to become a blood donor.
This means if nothing changes in 5 years from now we will have a very serious problem. If nothing changes it’ can become so extreme that we will loose multiple lives because there won’t be enough blood for blood transfusions.
Pete was shocked and was certain to help this project first of all by becoming a donor and of course by helping to spread the awareness.
More info on this project will follow so keep an eye on us!

 Picture 019

He even left the BB office, wearing this t-shirt to raise awareness already!

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