Elloh with a daily ode

Our SS10 collection for Blue Blood is based on 3 classic Wes Anderson movies; The Royal Tennenbaums, Darjeeling Limited and A Life Aquatic.

As we love to roam on the interweb for scan for intersting objects in our free time, Willa surfed and bumped into the artist Elloh on the international webshop for everything handmade named Etsy.com . Here on Etsy Elloh has quite a collection which she calls “an ode to pop culture”.

Amongst her pieces are also two Wes Anderson movies received an ode, Darjeeling Limited and A Life Aquatic.


We’ve been in contact with Elloh and she has informed us that currently she is also working on a Steve McQueen piece, a definite Blue Blood hero.¬† Great minds must think alike.

If you are interested in all the paintings she did and how much they cost, check out her little webshop on Etsy :

ode to pop culture …. art by el lohse


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