ADHD: The Opening Night


Amsterdam’s denim fanatics gathered at Sid Lee for the ADHD exhibition opening. Vinyl amateur DJ Big C from Les Amateurs de Vinyl entertained us with some nice rock tracks while the delicious burgers where served by Burgermeester. A stripe-and-kahki- trend was spotted but beers, boys, burgers and blue talk best describe the evening…



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3 responses to “ADHD: The Opening Night

  1. roger

    great realy great also the young man on the first picture
    the event looks like a non wash used denim pant
    just a good feeling
    bravo BB

    • For Our Friends

      Hi Roger,
      Too bad you could not attend the expo and party!
      We are very proud of the outcome of the denim.
      Greetings BB

  2. sergio

    wassup with the pictures???

    Ik krijg ze niet groter??

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