The passing of an Icon

In the past few days the news was inescapable… If you had not heard it the night of, then certainly the day after; Legendary King of Pop Michael Jackson passed away.

Apart from being an enormous influence and trendsetter in music even until today’s generation in numerous genres, Michael has also had a great influence in fashion. Iconic trendsetting things he did were the red leather jacket from the ‘Beat it’ video to the white ankle socks, black fedora and black loafers he wore when he moonwalked, a move he became infamous for. Jackson wore the military style jacket and the aviator sunglasses which, two decades later, still hold their influence in the fashion scene. Balmain just released an Jackson-inspired piece during his Spring runway show and samples of the Michael songs are frequently used for runway shows still.

We from Blue Blood just wanted to dedicate a small post to this major fashion icon, and say that despite of the events that occurred later in his lifetime, we do admire and acknowledge his influence.


Rest in Peace.





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One response to “The passing of an Icon

  1. sergio

    Het heeft wel heeeeeeeeeel lang geduurd voor jullie iets van Michael hebben gezet 😦 😦 😦

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