Alex Visits VMC


One of the most beautiful things according to Blue Blood is authenticity. Roger and Freddy from VMC in Zurich breathe heritage and authenticity.

VMC is a denim heaven..this 25 year old denim trading post smells of indigo and feels like a warm bath. With their immense collection of DRY denim product they are the place to go when you have blue blood coursing through your veins. Samurai>Real Mc Coy>studio D’artisan> Levis>Lee> all this mixed with a fine amount of deadstock. It makes VMC finger licking good. You do not have to go far for that outdoor gear either Filson>Barbour> Redwing and Yukatan are picked well and stocked deep. The blend with Vans “vault’ editions<Jack Pursells on one end and the finest cashmere on the other makes it the store a place you never want to leave.

BB (Alex)


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