Alta Bikes

Spotted: in the Blue Blood office Willa spotted this cool, unconventional bike.

It turns out to be Alex’s Alta bike!


Alta is a collaboration between the creative companies: Bleed (Graphic design), Norway Says (Furniture design), and Frost Produkt (Industrial design).

They started with what was initially meant as a 50 pieces limited edition single speed bike, but Alta became so popular so fast they decided to expand to full production. This making Alta bikes the only single gear bikes on the market which are produced serial.

Due to such a creative collaboration the site and the product looks marvelous.

For more info on Alta bikes and their campaign and background check out their website: ALTA BIKES

Alex looks good on it and we think that it is a definite awesome bike.

More pictures of the bike and proud owner!



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3 responses to “Alta Bikes

  1. sergio

    Me don’t like Alta Bikes that much 😦

    What I do like…. πŸ˜›

    The B.B. rugtas πŸ˜€

  2. Sondre Frost

    NICE, i like the details with the seat and handlebar tape you customized it with!

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