Jaques Piccard : Single Red Deepsea

We at Blue Blood appreciate the finer things in life, as you may have noticed from our previous posts… Well the boys at the office have found a new shiny toy to lurk at and which everyone wants.

What luxury good has them talking for hours on this time? Well, it is a very special edition of a watch!

By Philipp Stahl: I am proud to announce the introduction of the Single Red Deep Sea – Jacques Piccard edition, after official approvement by Mr. Bertrand Piccard, son of Jacques Piccard.


This special edition is made in honor of the life of Jacques Piccard and therefore has only a limited edition of 86 pieces.

Also a part of the revenue will be donated to the Jacques Piccard Foundation (Fondation pour l’Etude des Lacs et des Océans – Foundation for the Study and Protection of Seas and Lakes) based in Cully Switzerland.

As much as the guys want this extraordinary clockwork, they might have to rob their savings account in order to obtain it.


The watch comes in a special customized drybox with extras inside such as the book Seven Miles Down: the Story of the Bathyscaph Trieste from 1961.

Steve and Alex met with Philipp Stahl  from Steiner who showed them the great concept. They took some live pictures of the product too, which you can find in the gallery below. Both Steve and Alex were amazed to see the craftmanship that went into each piece.

More info can be found on the website:

Single Red Deepsea


Steiner Maastricht

Daze yourself with the rest of the pictures here:



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4 responses to “Jaques Piccard : Single Red Deepsea

  1. sergio


    Ik zou de prijs ervan willen weten 😀

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