Transformer visits Cannes

Seeing how we posted items on a Transformer art-center and our interest in movies, fashion and parties, we could not neglect the fact that the Cannes International Film Festival 2009 has as guest a very real life-sized Transformer; namely Bumblebee.


The Bumblebee is enormous in both size and weight; it is 5 meters high and weighs somewhat around 1100 Kilos!
Obviously it is there to promote the upcoming Transformers sequel Revenge of the Fallen. And it is definitely an eye-catcher. We find it very cool!



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2 responses to “Transformer visits Cannes

  1. I wanted to let you know that MovieSet has sent our top correspondents to Cannes to gather great still photo, video and interview content and you are welcome to share it! Please feel free to provide your audience with any and all of our content (please provide a link/trackback to our Cannes Sitelet) and if you have any requests for our correspondents please let me know.


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