Favela in the water

In a few days from  now our Willa is going on a trip to Brazil. In the light of that we decided it was cool to post some interesting info about Rio, where in Rocinha, 2 Dutch artists and friends of us have conducted a incredible project. Favela Painting.

They have taken the street and kids from the street to paint an enormous Japanese river flowing all the way down… it is amazing to look at and Willa is excited to see it first hand! The koi fish look amazing and from the pictures posted you will be able to grasp a slight bit how enormously this artwork is.

The painting they did was co-designed by the tattoo artist Rob Admiraal, and the artwork was featured on international news from CNN to Al-jazeera!

Willa will visit the slum herself and take pictures, which we will post here online of course! We are excited to see her findings and photos that she will take of her little adventure in Rio and maybe some other parts of Brazil…

You can check out their blog on their adventures and activities at: http://www.stupidtelligent.blogspot.com/


The pictures were taken from http://www.boomerang.nl/favela/

(click the links for more info and pictures!)


sea of paintings




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2 responses to “Favela in the water

  1. I looked at there docu at NL2 i gues it was a couple of months ago. Really great work they make and also lot’s of big tattoo artists went there to help out.

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